Research: Videos and References

Scientific research is vital to broaden the scope of chiropractic knowledge. Improvements in diagnosis, treatment and patient care have all come about through the diligent work of researchers across Canada.


Presently applied and basic health research is being done both at the two Canadian Chiropractic Colleges, as well as universities in every province. 






Spine Measurement

Minimizing Whiplash


Sports Chiropractic

Spinal Disc Regeneration


Measurement Movement

Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy


Core Muscles

and Balance

Spinal Stenosis &

Spinal Stenosis Boot Camp


 For further studies and research information check out the "Library" at the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation or the  "Publications and Resources" and/or the "Research and Education" pages of the BC Chiropractic Association.


And finally the body of knowlegde is being added to by researchers around the world. For further information consult the suggested reading list provided by the World Federation of Chiropractic. Please see the link below: